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Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center Hosts Community Resource Health Fair

The weather was hot but that did not stop the community from attending Jackson-Hinds community resource health fair. This was a fun-filled event with valuable health information, physical health demonstrations, numerous community resources, line dancing and more!

Special thanks to the Mississippi Department of Health, Safe Sleep, City of Jackson Fire and Police Department, Hinds County District Attorney candidate Jody Owens, Hinds County Justice candidate Brian C. Grizzell, Sno-Biz, Dickies Barbecue and other community leaders for attending this event.

The Community Action Network (CAN) at Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center gives members serves as the primary liaison between Healthy Start and the community. The primary purpose is to achieve collective impact: an innovative and structured approach to making collaboration work across government, business, philanthropy, non-profit, health organizations and citizens to achieve significant and lasting social change.

The goals for the Healthy Start CAN are to reduce preterm births, decrease low birth weight, improve maternal health, increase breastfeeding, reduce SIDS & other related deaths, increase partner involvement, and strengthen family resilience.

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