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Dr. Hale Williams

Dr. Williams, a renowned cardiologist, founded Provident Hospital in Chicago, the first Black-owned hospital in America. In 1891, Williams became the first doctor to successfully perform open-heart surgery on a patient. In 1895, he co-founded the National Medical Association for African-American doctors.

Who Was Dr. Hale Williams?

The JHS GTEC Scholars Program is named after Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (1858-1931) who was

1. The first African American cardiologist who performed the first successful open heart surgery

2. Founded the first interracial hospital, Provident Hospital and Training School

3. Created two hospital-based training programs for nursing

4. Co-founded the National Medical Association

5. The first African American physician admitted to the American College of Surgeons

6.Dr. Williams's work and advocacy for African Americans presence in medicine is honored by educational institutions worldwide

His accomplishments span across all four graduate disciplines selected for our GTEC, and will serve as an inspiring model for all of our scholars.

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