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“It is our goal to provide quality dental care through educating and motivating our patients. We are focused on making the dental experience a pleasant and positive one. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile! – Rose Straughter, DMD​

Jackson-Hinds Dental Staff always strives to go above and beyond to make patients comfortable. We have been providing quality dental services for over 35 years, with our philosophy of “excellence, integrity, and caring in dentistry” as our mission statement.

Dental exams and cleanings, oral cancer screenings, dentures, and a wide range of cosmetic services are only a few of the dental service we provide.

Dental Services:

  • Dental Screenings for School | Comprehensive and Limited Dental Exams |

  • Dental Restorations | Tooth Removal/Extraction | Limited Root Canal Therapy

  • Removable Partial and Complete Dentures | Dental sealants

  • Limited Periodontal Therapy | VARNISH Fluoride Treatments


We also offer the coordination of medical and dental services. For instance we offer dental screenings and cleanings to prenatal patients through the Strong Start Program to improve birth outcomes and to promote prenatal dental education and awareness.

What to expect during your dental visit:

  • Review your current dental and medical history.

  • Review any changes in your medications and their effects on your oral health

  • Do a complete oral cancer screening

  • Take any necessary x-rays to evaluate the supporting structures of your teeth

  • Record, compare, and evaluate your current periodontal status with your past records to detect any early changes in your periodontal health

  • Review your home care program

  • Make any necessary recommendations about your future oral healthcare needs

What to bring for your dental visit:

  • Bring a list of all current medications

  • Bring removable partial or complete dentures that are currently being worn

  • Bring any referral or medical/dental clearance forms from other healthcare providers

Dental Providers

Dr. Rose T. Straughter, DMD

Director of Dental Services

Main site and Tougaloo Dental Clinics


Dr. Sandra Burch, DMD                  South Clinic

Dr. John Patterson, DDS                Main Site Clinic

Dr. Winter Reese, DMD                  Main Site and Utica Clinics

Dr. Shenekia W. Wiggins, DMD     Main Site and Medical Mall Clinic

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