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Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center operates 13 school-based clinics and serves 17 schools via two (2) fully equipped Mobile Units. Over 2,800 students are enrolled in the School-Based Health Program. We routinely provide well child physical exams, including hearing and vision screenings, as well as following children diagnosed with medical conditions. We also perform dental exams, dental prophylaxis, and sealants on the students in the program. Jackson-Hinds was the first FQHC in the Nation to establish school-based clinics.


Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Center (JHCHC) wants to make sure that all children in the state of Mississippi are in good health. We are working with your child’s school to provide medical and/or dental health screenings. The JHCHC staff will perform the following services: health screenings, dental screenings, and sick care services. These services will occur during the school day. If we find a health/dental problem, we will contact you immediately and also schedule a follow–up treatment with your consent. A parent letter will also be sent home with your child in regards to their visit. Before a child can receive these services, all forms must be completed and returned to the school’s clinic.


Mission Statement

To provide quality comprehensive primary and preventative health care and social

services to the communities we serve. We are committed to serving the uninsured and


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