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Lt. Governor Candidate Rep. Jay Hughes Visits Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center

On Thursday, September 5th, Lt. Governor candidate Rep. Jay Hughes, toured the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center main clinic. Hughes had the opportunity to visit with leadership of Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center and learn about the many services and special programs available to our patient population.

During the visit, Rep. Hughes spoke about his experiences growing up in the working class, with limited access to quality healthcare.

“My mother died in the back of the ambulance trying to make it just three more miles to a hospital too far from home; so I understand the need for accessible healthcare in rural and inner city areas to treat the hardworking, disadvantaged.”

This visit gave Rep. Hughes vital insight on how residents in Mississippi can utilize healthcare services at reduced costs. Jackson-Hinds is appreciative of the support given by elected officials.

We are also thankful that Rep. Hughes visited Jackson-Hinds for a better understanding of the services we provide in our community.

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