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Mind, Body, & Soul: Ministerial Alliance at Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center

Mind, Body, & Soul: Ministerial Alliance at Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center Unites Religious & Medical Communities to Integrate Spiritual Well-Being into Clinical Healthcare.

April 12, 2018 | JH Communications

Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center (JHCHC) in Jackson, MS understands the influence of faith-based leaders in its service population. Through its Ministerial Alliance, Jackson-Hinds is working in conjunction with the community’s spiritual leaders to bring accessible, quality healthcare to the medically underserved. State Representative Alyce Clark and Mayor of Jackson, Chokwe Lumumba, attended this month’s event.

The Mayor shared his thoughts about maintaining an equal balance of spiritual, mental and physical health,

“This alliance is necessary. I am grateful for the work that we are doing here. We must be able to utilize our collective talents, abilities and skillsets to improve our community and we also must make certain that we are taking care of the mind, body and spirit of Jackson.”

Pastors who are a part of the ministerial alliance serve as a direct liaison to Jackson-Hinds’ primary healthcare services. They are able to directly refer members of their congregation who may seek religious guidance before consulting medical professionals regarding their healthcare concerns. More conveniently, the cost of services for the initial visit of referred patients are not charged to the client, but are absorbed by Jackson-Hinds.

The rapidly growing program boasts over 50 members, with participating pastors, public servants, and politicians from urban and rural communities of Hinds, Warren and Copiah counties. Dr. Jasmine Chapman, CEO of Jackson-Hinds, extends a warm invitation to any other community leaders who are willing to join the alliance and made the following statement about the program’s effectiveness,

“Quarterly meetings are held at various locations and the program is always seeking new pastors to help spread awareness about the consortia of resources available at JHCHC and in the community abroad. The Ministerial Alliance, one prayer at a time, is changing the misconception that religion and medicine cannot work hand in hand to create a healthier community for all.”

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