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Proudly serving the state of Mississippi since 1970

Q. How do I view job opportunities?
A. Click here to visit our Human Resources webpage.



Q.  Do any of your staff members speak a foreign language?
A. Our organization is aware of Central Mississippi’s diversity. We strive to hire staff members who speak foreign languages. Currently on staff we have a full-time translator for our Spanish speaking patients. We will provide a translator for other languages, if necessary. Please provide us with advance notice so we may arrange this for you.


Q.What happens when my provider goes out of town?
A. Jackson- Hinds currently has over 45 providers. Most of them rotate so they are able to care for each other’s patients. To ensure we provide the best possible patient care, we also maintain an in-house call group.



Q.Does the office send out reminders for routine appointments?
A. All of our providers are committed to making sure that you remain healthy. We use an automated calling system to remind you of any scheduled appointment. You will be mailed a letter when necessary routine appointments are missed (i.e. pre-natal care visits or EPSDT screening).


Q.How long might I wait before being seen by my provider?
A. You are our top priority. Our front desk staff is trained to ensure that you are not waiting for long periods of time. If for some reason you feel you have been waiting too long, please feel free to ask the front desk staff for assistance.



Q.What are the clinic’s office hours?
A. For office hours, click here. Please call 601-362-5321 for more information and holiday hours.


If you feel that you need medical assistance, please call 911 or go to the hospital or to an urgent care facility. If you call us after hours, please leave a message so we can get back with you the following business day.



Jackson-Hinds is committed to serving our patients. For those whom have don’t health insurance or have higher deductible plans than normal, we offer a sliding-fee scale to make our services affordable. Jackson-Hinds (JHCHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC),

which means we are able to provide services to qualified individuals

and their families by offering a sliding-fee scale.


  • Do you have health insurance through an employer with high deductibles?

        Perhaps your insurance does not cover doctor’s office visits. We can assist by applying our                sliding fee scale to your office deductibles or co-pays.


  • Do you have Medicare coverage?
    We can assist by applying our sliding fee scale to your co-insurance amounts and copay.


  • Are you without health insurance?
    We can assist you by applying our sliding fee scale to your office charges.


For more information about our sliding-fee scale, please call 601-362-5321.

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